Meglio avere un cuore spezzato che invidiare il cuore altrui.
[Gianluca Della Monica]
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Storm on Arrival
Black Sky
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Lasciate un commento, emotivo o tecnico, qualunque cosa vi passi per la testa mentre guardate questa foto.

Storm on Arrival Black Sky Covering Sun High View Lone Plant Green Forest From the Top From the Top II Silouette Light Play
Night View Water Running Coliseum View From the Past Inside the Court Outside the Castle Sea Man Ready To Depart Lonely Military Suburbs
Walking Phantom Walking under the wall Blue holes Top of the tower Bike old arc Yellowed bike Fallen Caged Tree
Sunday Morning Corner Protection Colors First HDR Autumn colors Up or Down Maria Luigia Hands Up EtàTa
Grilli Time To Spy Worker I Worker II Light's Game Bikes Horse Eyes Desert Workers
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